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A county in southeast England, Surrey borders Kent and east Sussex. Surrey is a beautiful county where incomes of the people re relatively high and people enjoy a peaceful life. Surrey is considered to be the second wealthiest area in the UK after London. It can be said that the people of Surrey seek the best products and regard their safety and privacy the most. Roller shutters can be a way to achieve that. And Prestige Aluminum offers the best quality and a wide range of roller shutters Surrey.

What are roller shutters?

Roller shutter Surrey are usually mounted above a door or windows. They can be rolled up or down and acts as a shield to provide you protection from heat, prying eyes etc. roller shutters in Surrey can be a valuable investment because they provide you the necessary protection you deserve. 


Roller shutter doors Surrey have a wide area of application. Roller shutter door service can be used in Schools, Prisons, Vans, Kitchen, and Warehouses etc.


Depending on the kind of roller shutters Surrey you have opted for, the final cost will vary. We understand that it can be burdensome to get roller shutters in Surrey so we provide free measurements and site surveys. After evaluating your property requirements and your personal preferences, we will come up with the best suggestions and options for you. Moreover, being the experienced roller shutter manufacturers in Surrey, we cater to the needs of our customers and offer specialized services in roller garage doors Surrey, because they are high in demand

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Rolling garage doors

Roller garage doors Surrey or coiling doors are made in such a way to stand high performance units and heavy usages. They are usually filled with ball bearings which mean the quiet doors and they last longer.

 It’s generally constructed 80 steel stalls which are full hard galvanized. They interlock to form a continuous and strong curtain. But Roller shutters Surrey provide a wide range of options for you.

Roller shutter doors Surrey are available in the following types

  • Sectional garage doors
  • Roller up garage doors
  • Side to side garage doors
  • Side hinged garage doors
  • Tilt-up/up and over canopy garage doors
  • Tilt up/up and over retractable garage doors

Industrial roller shutters

Industrial roller shutter doors Surrey are the popular choice for safety based on the efficiency and affordability. Roller shutters Surrey have easy to use designs. Moreover, they provide you with high standards of insulation and maximum security. Following are the benefits of the industrial roller shutters because of which you should consider installing them.

  • Noiseless

Industrial roller shutter doors Surrey operate the smoothest and operate without sound ensured by the self-lubricating mechanism.

  • Energy efficient

Industrial roller shutters Surrey are highly energy efficient because they have seals of superior quality and ensure that your property remains tightly sealed. Because of the tight seal the heat and cold also stays out of your property.


  • Easy to maintain

Roller shutter doors are easy to install and easy to maintain because they hardly require any maintenance. The longevity of the colour is ensured by the special multi treatment colour coating they go through. This gives the steel panels highly weather resistant feature. 

Repair services

Another service which we master is the roller shutter repairs. It’s plausible that you may not want a new door installed but want your old one repaired. We have years of experience in roller shutter door repairs Surrey and installing, so we will handle your door with utmost care. Moreover, you can also contact us for roller shutter maintenance in Surrey.

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