Automatic Doors

The automatic door is increasingly becoming a must for many different user categories such as hotels, shops, offices, banks, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, railway stations, etc.

We supply the following automatic doors

Automatic Swing Doors

The swing door systems from Prestige Aluminium Systemss make going through a door easier in the event that manual operation is too complex or difficult. The absolute reliability and safety of the swing door drives go hand in hand with clear and modern design lines. Prestige Aluminium Systemss enables project specific solutions and ensures planners the greatest possible degree of design freedom.


The electro-hydraulic TSA range is ideal anywhere where convenience and support is required when opening a door.

With the unique operator height of just seven centimetres, the drives of the our range are practically invisible and blend into any building architecture.

The electromechanical drive enables doors in barrier-free interiors to be opened and closed gently and conveniently.

Main advantages:

  • Energy saving
  • Hygiene
  • Access control
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Security
  • Styling

Energy savings

The automatic door preserves the temperature of the indoor environment, especially winter warmth and summer air conditioning.


The automatic door reduces contact time with the outdoor environment (pollution) and prevents contact between the user and the handle (a bacteria vehicle), making the door particularly important in places such as hospitals, surgeries, and diagnostics centres.

Access Control

The automatic door offers many operating and use methods, as well as the possibility of surveying and defining transit flows (e.g.: the typical situation of a shop, which, after closing time, allows customers inside to go out while preventing access to new customers).

Uninterrupted operation

in the event of a black-out, operation is assured by a buffer battery with controlled recharging.



The automatic door guarantees protection against intrusion from the outside by means of an electro-mechanic security door bolt. The use of an integral, breakaway panic kit means that there is no need to use security push-bar doors.


The automatic doors adapts to any design concept, assuring significant image and prestige, because it accepts and adapts to the door-frames chosen by the customer, without in any way affecting style.

Automatic Sliding Door Operators

Prestige Aluminium Systemss offer a range of automatic sliding door operators to suit your specific needs. We specialise in the both manufacture and distribution of sliding door operators.


The Premier-Slide 100 sliding door operator is a heavy duty sliding operator suitable for all applications. This Operator is enclosed in a compact housing only 100mm high and encorporates a “Self diagnostic” system for fault finding.


The Premier-Slide telescopic sliding door operator is ideal where a wider clear opening is needed from a sliding door.


We Now Offer

We offer a complete package right from the design stage to the fabrication and installation of your chosen shopfront.