Roller Shutters

UK Shop Fronts Solid Roller Shutters are an economical method of providing a secure and weather-proof closure to large or small openings.
They are suitable for loading bays, factories, warehouses and any applications where security is required and represent a reliable and efficient closure for most applications.

Roller shutters provide a virtually unobstructed opening and when open, the shutter and mechanism are out of the way above the doorway and clear of any risk of damage from vehicles moving through the opening.

The doors are robust and have a long life with little maintenance required. UK Shop Fronts Shutters have been supplied on many prestigious projects worldwide and come with the technical design and back up for which the Company is renowned. 

Shutters can be supplied as standard up to 7000mm wide. Larger widths up to 12 metres are available.

Perforated roller shutters

Perforated Lath Roller Shutters are an ideal method of securing premises whilst maintaining the see through aspect when the shop is backlit. Used extensively in shopping malls and high street retail premises, perforated lath roller shutters present a most economical method of providing a secure closure to large or small openings.


The shutters are robust and have a long life with little maintenance required. Our Perforated Lath Roller Shutters have been used on many prestigious projects worldwide and come with the technical design and back up for which our Company is renowned. Shutters can be supplied as standard up to 7000mm wide.

Steel Grilles

Steel Rolling Grilles are designed for openings where a high degree of security is required whilst maintaining the see through aspect not available with closed lath shutters.


They can be used on openings where selective entry/exit is required and are deal for shopping malls and underground car parks where they also provides optimum ventilation.

The combination of parallel mesh design and polyester powder coated finish offers a high aesthetic appearance and each grille is custom made to suit the individual opening and can be face fixed or fixed between the structure.

Brickbond grills

Brickbond Rolling Grilles offer the ultimate through-vision concept of all grilles and shutters whilst affording protection to bars and servery counters with an attractive yet unobtrusive security barrier. The product is compact in design requiring a minimum of sideroom and headroom and is available in a range of attractive finishes and colours. Electrical operation by tubular motor allows ease of use without potential Health and Safety issues associated with manually operated shutters.

Punched Lath Roller Shutters

Punched Lath Roller Shutters are an ideal method of securing openings such as shopfronts, servery counters, reception desks and bars whilst maintaining through vision for advertising purposes.

An attractive close fitting flat lath curtain together with a neat and unobtrusive tubular motor drive system allow Punched Lath Roller Shutters to present an aesthetic and cost effective solution to securing various types of opening.

Punched Lath Roller Shutters are custom made in our UK factory and have been supplied on many prestigious projects.

Roller shutters are the type of doors or windows raised to open and lowered to close; this offers ease in operating, especially against large installations. These shutters protect from intrusions, wind, rain, and, most importantly, theft. They are designed for insulation as well. If we talk about the industrial segment, Roller shutters are the most common type of door. Other than this, if the subject is of space required for vehicle movement and big loads for commercial purposes, it also suits that case and is of immense value.

We believe in the fact that, while the process of installation essential is to keep the high-security level in mind. UK shopfront specialists promise this security to the customers as we provide complete locking options in the roller shutters. We make sure our installations are easy to manage no matter which business premises it is. We have been working in this industry for years now and offer our customers the packages for complete process from design option to fabrication and installation. You can always trust our roller shutter services for the quality and guarantee as we never compromise on both. We offer you,

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  • Steel roller shutters
  • Aluminium Roller shutters
  • Steel personnel doors
  • Collapsible gates
  • Chain and link grille

The application of roller shutters is widespread no matter it’s for commercial areas, delivery vans, garages, kitchens, warehouses, retail points, prisons, or schools. One of the reasons is the roller shutters’ cost. Roller shutters are found in some types, and these types are as below.

  • Built-in roller shutter doors
  • Built-on roller shutter doors
  • Integrated roller shutters
  • Roller shutters having tilting laths
  • Manual
  • Manual Tape
  • Electric

And each type have the following standard components

  • Lath
  • Shutter box
  • Shutter Spring
  • Guide track or Rail
  • Bottom lath
  • Lock

Why Do You Need Shopfront Roller Shutters?

In every business shop, premises are fundamental, considered the centre of every business that provides market space and helps sell the products better. This makes the security of the company more critical as shop assets are vital. Prestige Aluminium Systems Specialists supply secure roller shutters; they will be of premium standard and high quality with a guarantee as we do not provide any services without a warranty. They will surely add high-level security and other benefits as well. We are aware of the thing that for several business premises, ventilation and temperature are keys to keep in mind. We offer the shutter that is made to measure, supporting the temperature you need for your business. We offer you the shopfront shutter available in various materials, so you will get options to choose from.

  • We are known for the highest quality roller shutters UK for retail shops.
  • We also offer you additional services, including maintenance, repair of your shop front roller shutters.
  • We bring the best quality making process with suitable material for your business.

We are famous for tailoring roller shutters according to your business requirements. We are the leading roller shutter providers with many satisfied clients and customers who trust us. Tailoring your needs, we offer

  • For maximum security, we offer you stainless steel rollers
  • Transparent shutter in numerous colours than can meet the visual requirements
  • We also offer shutters with a high level of fire protection

Which Roller Shutter, UK is Right for Your Shopfront?

A variety of roller shutters are available in the market to suit your need for a business shopfront. These types include see-through lightweight grills, aluminium rollers, lightweight steel security units, and more.

  • Aluminium Roller Shutters

If you are looking for a highly affordable way to protect your property, you can choose the option of the aluminium roller shutter. These are known for delivering the best mid-range security at affordable and favourable prices. Talking about lightweight shutter solutions, no one can deny the role of well-constructed aluminium roller shutters UK. They are considered the perfect fit for physical and visual barriers—an ideal choice for retail shops or businesses, your peace of mind, and protection. 

One permanent advantage, or if we call the beauty of the aluminium shutter, is that they can easily be painted and blend into the surroundings and decoration of the shop itself. We are here to offer you these shutters with various specifications depending upon the customer’s need. So there is no need to struggle with an out-of-business thing for its grey colour. It performs the additional role of a deterrent for vandalism and graffiti. These shutters are known for offering a wealth of different features and benefits. And these benefits are the reasons for its attractiveness in shop owners eyes.

  • See-Through Grills

See-through grills are known for providing an adequate security layer for protection. The clear advantage is that it can give a clear view of things inside the shop to the potential customers. If shoppers are in your area day and night, it is the right product for you to invest in. We offer the best quality services and installation of all the shutter services and their repairing. You can always trust us for Roller Shutter services and window roller shutters as well.

  • Steel Shutters for High Security

Steel Roller Shutter is for providing the highest level of security. If you have a business that requires serious protection, the best option available for you is the steel shutters. These are constructed with the help of heavy gauge steel and are known as the staple for the security industry. If your shop is in an area where the crime rate is high, you can go for this choice because appearance is not the main focus in a high crime area, but security is. Shop owners choose this option to protect their valuable equipment. But, it is not the cheapest option; these shutters can be a bit expensive because of the heavy-duty steel.  Here the point to focus is that this investment can bring security and will pay big dividends for you not to be robbed again.

Roller Shutters


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