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The MC Wall is a curtain wall system designed to create a dramatic but practical facade, with the option of sloped and facet-shaped glazing whilst allowing maximum light into small or large multi-storey buildings. Rapid on-site installation and concealed transoms, for seamless/uninterrupted glass to glass joints, are among the many special features of this versatile polyamide thermal break system. The system incorporates a top hung frameless vent and also accommodates all Smarts windows, doors and horizontal sliders.


SC Frame is a curtain wall system designed for low to medium rise facades including large shopfronts and showrooms and accommodates a wide range of Smarts windows and doors. Rapid on-site installation is facilitated by the method of construction i.e. in ladder frames in the factory.

Product Types

Curtain Wall

MC Wall

Curtain wall system with thermal break.


The SC-Frame is suitable for use on low to medium rise facades including large shopfronts and showrooms. where ease of installing large panes of glass is a pre-requisite. The factory made framework offers the advantage of rapid construction on site with minimal loose components.



The SC-Frame is suitable for use on low to medium rise facades including large shopfronts and showrooms. where ease of installing large panes of glass is a pre-requisite. The factory made framework offers the advantage of rapid construction on site with minimal loose components.


System for shopfronts and doors. The series consists of vertical mullions which continue to the top. The horizontal transoms are formed between those mullions. Doors with overhead concealed closers, low or no threshold options.


Smart-Wall is a shopfront screen and door system incorporating a Polyamide thermal break to provide enchanced thermal performance. Suitable for all types of commercial groundfloor screenwork and ideal for educational buildings.

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Specifics of Curtain Walling System


“What is Curtain Walling”, To answer this question. We have summarised all in the words that it is a system that helps and play a vital role in protecting your building or places from external elements. Curtain walls are primarily made from thin, lightweight aluminium or sometimes glass also. The point to clarify is that it’s not structural, and it is not made for carrying extra weight apart from its own. Curtain Walling is for non-structural outer walls, and Prestige Aluminium Systems Specialists, leading curtain walling contractors, offers you reliable services for this.

Curtain walling is considered the perfect system to make the inside of the building airtight and is known for its exceptional resistance to air and water. There are three central systems in curtain walling:

  • Water managed systems: It is to prevent the seeping of water into the building. Water managed systems have moisture drains included in their structure.
  • Face-sealed systems: This system does not provide airtight barriers but is known for the perfect sealing between frame and wall.
  • Pressure Equalised System: This system is the most used one. Why? Because they can offer all, from blocking external elements out, keeping the inside of the structure airtight, and washing facility for the outside frame design.

Curtain Walling The Benefits


The popularity of curtain walls has increased over the years, and it’s because of the advanced material and equipment used in making and installing them. Especially if we talk about aluminium, it is the most popular material in demand and the best suitable fit for curtain walling. There are numerous benefits included in curtain walling, and here we will present the list of some:

  • Curtain walls are known for their cost-effectiveness because of the light-weighted material used in it
  • The airtight seals of the curtain walls make them energy efficient. They are water-resistant and do not let air get inside the building.
  • It is the positive point of the curtain walling that they can save the cost of heat, cooling, and lighting over the long term
  • Versatility and flexibility is something that makes curtain walling modern and aesthetic. 
  • These walls can be installed in both large and smaller units, making them highly flexible for design. 
  • Curtain Walls are thermally efficient by keeping the effects of thermal expansion and contraction in mind, these are the best. When it comes to swaying and movement, still curtain walls are best to consider 

Now talking about Aluminium Curtain Walling, they can also offer numerous unctions with uncountable benefits.

  • Aluminium curtain walls do not allow panels to fall from the frame because of their roust nature. These are strong and reliable ones
  • Aluminium curtain walls provide high-level thermal insulation
  • No matter its complete walls or want curtain wall windows, aluminium offers them all
  • These walls provide a water barrier and also is a barrier to air penetration
  • Curtain walls of aluminium offer account for smoke, fire, and acoustic separation
  • They accommodate movement and deflection
  • They do not allow the building up of dirt as they are highly cleanable

When it comes to the aesthetic of the building, you have the best option to consider, and that is curtain walling.

Prestige Aluminium Systems Specialists  for Curtain Wall Construction

As professionals, we provide you with guidance and help from the design stage to manufacturing the curtain wall system, installation, and solving your queries. We guarantee that you’ll get all perfect installation as all our team members are highly trained and experts in this field. Our long list of satisfied customers helped us gain confidence in claiming and offering more tailored services for you. We will be there across all levels and will provide the solutions through all stages.

All the installed systems are tried and tested, offering you quality assurance and preventing all types of shortcuts. We are known for giving our clients the best, we never settle on the second-best. Our pricing policies are open and fair. There are no catches in them. Everything is transparent and straightforward. No one can beat us when it comes to pricing as we know to deal with prices and quality side by side, which allows us to lead in this industry. We offer you

  • Complete freedom for the designs, we will tailor the solutions for your requirements to provide you with the desired results
  • The guarantee will always be given on all types of works that we do for you
  • Prestige Aluminium Systems Specialists are offering glazing solutions for all the systems related to windows and doors. We provide expert services for curtain walling, façade systems, entrance doors, sliding and folding doors and more!
Curtain Walling


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